Into Baja: US - Mexico Border Crossing

Getting into Mexico is pretty easy it turns out. Just before crossing, we bought our Mexico car insurance ($175). Our blue van rumbled though the border at around noon and it took us all of 30 minutes to pay for our tourist visas ($20 per person) and car permit ($50 + $200 deposit). After a brief inspection where board bags were opened and perused, we were on our way.

We drove straight though Tijuana and didn’t stop driving for about three hours. The drive south looked like an entrepreneur’s graveyard of broken dreams. Skeletons of half built hotels dotted the coast and huge “Se Vende (For Sale)” signs were everywhere. It made for an eerie first foray into Mexico.

Our first night we camped at a spot called Punta Cabras. Itʻs a popular weekend vacation spot for Californian surfers but as it was a Monday the place was empty. We pulled up to a dirt bluff overlooking the beach and were greeted by clean waves and a gorgeous sunset. A few fish tacos and a couple of Tecates later and our first day in Mexico was over!