Paul and Kiele Start a Surf School

People come up with crazy schemes all the time but 99% of those schemes never leave their heads. So when Paul asked me if I wanted to drive down to Central America to open a surf school, I was so startled I couldn't reply at first. People don't say those things seriously. He was. 

Where would we live? In a 1987 Toyota Van. 

Food? Tortillas, avocados, hot sauce. 

The route? Ship the van from Hawai'i to L.A. Drive south through Baja, hop a ferry to mainland Mexico. Follow the coast, surfing along the way, through Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. If we find a promising spot, we stop. Simple. 

Is it safe? Meh. Probably. Most hopefully.

When? Well, the lease is up in June. 

A few things about us: Paul was born in California and surfed in a number of comps growing up. He moved out to Hawai'i to surf and got a job as a surf instructor in Waikiki. For the past few years he's been splitting his time between Hawai'i and Australia. 

Paul in his natural habitat.

Paul in his natural habitat.

I was born and raised on Kaua'i, got my B.S. in Oceanography, and started working at that Waikiki surf school (where Paul and I met) shortly after. I've been surfing since high school and got into surf photography and videography a little over a year ago. 

We're selling just about everything we own (except for the van and boards of course) to pay for this venture, but are short on funds in one key area: the proof! We hope to document our adventure from start to finish. The plan is to produce 2-4 min surf edits every two weeks. I've been borrowing equipment for the past year and I certainly can't take it with me. Any contibution you can give will go into buying filming and editing equipment. 

We're leaving in June, which means we have two months to raise money for the trip. Anything you can donate will bring us one step closer to realizing this crazy scheme. We truly appreciate your help and support!

Thank you,

Paul and Kiele