The Big Blue Space Invader

It had been a long, unresolved discussion for a while, what color to paint the van. Paul had finished grinding off the last bits of rust and patching up the remaining spots over a week ago. We taped the windows and handles and sprayed the van with primer. It was ready for some color! We had argued between grays, blues, and greens but hadn't settled on anything. In the end, the painfully limited options of Oahu's stores decided for us. 

It was between blue and a slightly different blue. On a side note, this is also what going out to dinner when you're vegan feels like. But I digress.

So, without further ado, here she is. Still unnamed as of yet, but big and blue and headed for the mainland in a week!

It wasn't quite the color we were expecting or hoping for really, but it's so ridiculous you almost have to love it. Well, we have to love it because there's no way in hell we are going to paint that again. And by we I mean Paul. He pretty much painted this entire thing himself (I was stuck at work, promise).  All in all, I think Paul summed up the mood perfectly: "We'll at least look really friendly."