A Fun Break in Waikiki

Paul flew out to LA to meet the van three days ago, leaving me stuck behind for two weeks. This all sounded super depressing to me until I realized I live on Oahu and I work at a surf school. My life is essentially a permanent vacation (except for rent and exhorbitant food costs, but who's counting?). So instead of mope I surfed off and on for about five hours yesterday, trading waves and taking pictures too.

The thing about shooting surfers is, unless you're at some secret spot, they're just plain stoked to see you. Nowhere is that more true than in Waikiki. I got to meet a ton of really great people in the water yesterday and could give them surf shots after it was all over. Towards the end of the session it felt like the crowd turned into a big group of friends laughing and calling each other into waves. And yet… now I can't wait to get my butt out of Waikiki and into some empty Baja waves. The struggle is real. 

Here are a few shots of yesterday's session. 

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