Cloud Van Hasselhoff Gets a Little Hot

It's a little stressful when your car suddenly breaks down. Its even more stressful when you're about to live in said car for an indeterminate amount of time. 

Paul had picked up Cloud Van Hasselhoff* a few days ago and was on his way to his parents' house where his brother and he would be spending the next couple weeks fixing up the car. The interior still needs to be built out; it's basically an empty shell at the moment. New shocks and tires are coming too. Of course things rarely - well never - go as planned. 

It was hot, almost 100 deg F, and he had been driving through mountainous California roads for a while. It was the perfect test, really. We would not be putting the van through a more strenuous drive in our entire journey, so if it  survived this we were pretty well off. 

With a mere two miles to go, the van had been running just fine. Suddenly, the needle on the temp gauge shot to the red. So much for being well off. Paul quickly pulled over and shut the van off, then walked the last two miles on foot. An hour later, he was back at the van with a gallon of water. I can't imagine what must've been running through his head as he trudged to and from his parents' house. I'd likely have a mild heart attack as the thought of our trip exploded like the van's radiator likely had. But I had no idea. Paul decided not to call me until he knew for sure we were screwed.  

It's a blessing that he didn't because when he went to pour in water for the radiator, he noticed a steady drip out of the bottom of the van. Turns out the hose leading to the radiator had broken. Not the radiator. A mere $10 fix. The trip was on again!

Cloud Van Hasselhoff safe and sound after a sketchy start. 

Cloud Van Hasselhoff safe and sound after a sketchy start. 

*I'd like to thank Katy Paun for naming the van. 100% Cloud Van Hasselhoff.