Early Onset Nostalgia: Looking back on a summer in Waikiki

Summer is drawing to a close and with it our time left on Oahu. In less than 10 days, Paul and I will board a plane to San Diego and start this adventure (again)! But in all the excitement to go, I find myself thinking about the past couple months and smiling. 

We came back to Oahu defeated. Those grandiose plans to travel though Mexico and Central America had been squashed by the motor of a 1987 Toyota van. Now we had to return home and work to make back all the money we put into fixing the damn thing. So we put our heads down and worked almost every day for two months. 

But - and youʻll never believe it - working at a surf school is fun. Especially when you get to work with friends. And when said surf school is in Hawaii. So while we may have come back to work, I found myself laughing and loving nearly every day. 

Need the evidence? Lee, a photographer friend of mine, was out shooting one day and got a couple shots of my surf school family in action.

Photo: Lee

If youʻre keen, you can also check out this video of our summer working in Waikiki. Is it weird that Iʻm nostalgic already?